Biography for Jacob Slovacek

When Jacob was five years old, curiosity was his passion. He always immersed himself in his surroundings checking out every nook and cranny of places he would go.  Only after this exploration would he engage himself in the event or function he was participating in. Curiosities quickly lead to creativity. After a trip to Chicago, we watched Jacob rummage through the house finding square and rectangular shaped objects lining them up with extraordinary precision, creating his version of the Chicago skyline. His interest in expressing himself through art was fueled throughout his educational years. His classmates never spoke of his autism, instead always talking of Jacob’s ability, citing a certain drawing or other creation Jacob had done.  Hearing their stories about Jacob warmed our hearts. The thing that stuck with us more than anything was the smile on their faces when they completed their anecdotes.  As he was exposed to different art medium in high school his enthusiasm continued to flourish.  Hand rendered art rose to the forefront of his imaginative talents. He has capitalized on the opportunity to market his work in the community and is now launching his own business. To this day it’s commonplace for us to walk around town and have people we’ve never met say hi to Jacob sharing a smile and a tale. In his work you’ll see his playful and sometimes mischievous spirit. Jacob loves to draw cartoons and create animation.  He enjoys swimming, bowling, socializing, and participating in Special Olympics.

As he moves into this exciting phase of his life we invite you to experience the joy he puts into his work and sincerely hope it puts a smile on your life.

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